The history of our House

The history of our House

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Our house is located in the traditional settlement of Megalochori before 1845, you will see objects inside the house from that Era.

The letters M & D (M & Δ) on the front door are the initials of our grandfather’s name, Manolis Digenis, he lived here for many years with our grandmother Vasiliki.

He was a barrel maker, a difficult and demanding art which has been lost nowadays.

The sound of the hammers and the smell of the barrels has been engraved in us, some are inside the house, the door is always open to welcome everyone.

For us this house is all about our grandparents, our grandfather was all about his art. The Art of barrel

Our house has been converted into lovely caved rooms. These caverns were created by the people of Santorini to blend in with the rocks and hide from pirates.